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Katie's Teen Scene

Sophisticated fabrics lend
grown-up status to Katie's room.

This teen scene created by
San Francisco designer Marian
Wheeler, ASID, was spotlighted

in Country Home magazine.

Featured in "In My World"

Creating a Playful Yet Purposeful Setting

Shaping a child’s environment demands time and energy. But it need not demand your life savings.

Often, a child’s own playthings can double duty as décor. Take toys, for instance. When they aren't being toyed with, they can climb the walls on pegboard hooks. They can hang from the ceiling as mobiles. Or they can rest simply on shelves and windowsills, or in storage baskets. Besides adding a splash of color and whimsy, playthings on view amuse the ones for whom they're designed.  

Tap your child’s vivid imagination and interests for playful ideas. If you need more inspiration, consult the books In My World and In My Room where the photos below are featured along with hundreds of other kids’ rooms. -- Ro Logrippo
Bathed in Blue

At the flick of a switch, this teen
room is illuminated in blue.
Remove filters on the track lights,
and the room returns to white.

Other nifty features include a wall
border of race car photos made
from auto magazine pages.

The room was "co-designed"
by Tony Torrice, ASID.

Featured in "In My World"
Today's Three R's -
Ram, Rom, Reboot

Adapting to right- and left-handers, this
child-size computer study station has a
reversible V-top spacious enough to
accommodate paperwork and equipment.

The chair adjusts to a different height
when flipped over.

Lynnette Reid Weir designed the setting.

Featured in "In My World"
Brian's Hideaway

A lofty lifestyle is an everyday
experience in Brian's bedroom.

To create the special hideaway,
attic space was commandeered
above the closet where the

ceiling vaults to 14 feet.

Linda Runion, ASID, designed the
Northwest setting seen on the
Good Morning America show.

Featured in "In My World"

Room for Rainbows

Crayon-colored cushions and
banners turn this playroom into
a magical setting that promotes
motor skills as well as visual

DeAnna Brandt designed the
Midwest play space, including
its decorative ceiling panels.

Featured in "In My World"
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