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Henry's Room
2003 Martin Dreiling

Spotlighting home
environments where
children learn
as they grow . . .

Creating Rooms For and With Children

Throughout life, memories of early environments rekindle the place we first absorbed the world around us.

Soft, snuggly textures in a cozy bed ... Joyful sounds in a space for play ...

Henry's Window Seat 2003 Martin Dreiling The importance of childhood settings was first recognized in the 1900s by Italian educator Maria Montessori.

Through studies of children in school settings, she discovered young ones learn best through self education and development of the senses, as opposed to rigid control of their activities and habitat.

That's why in the room they call "mine," children need to explore who they are, what they are and where they are. Neither Mom's nor Dad's fantasies should be imposed, no matter how cute or cuddly.

The most meaningful features should be kids' own creations or personal touches such as art, crafts, photos and finds.

Empowering parent and child to co-design home spaces that enhance learning is what my books and this web site are all about.

Click around. See what magical, non-themed looks are possible when you collaborate with the young on their environments.  -- Ro Logrippo

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