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"Creating KidSpace for Living & Learning"

A PowerPoint presentation by design author Ro Logrippo

Pull-up bars to pull-down beds . . .

Rolling carts to roll-up mats . . .

It's all part of growing up in surroundings that not only engage the ones living there, but also educate them.

These "living and learning environments" foster development in an atmosphere that is playful without playing on a theme, and educational without being didactic.

Cody's drawing of her room in Alabama

"Creating KidSpace for Living & Learning" is the title of this lively 60-minute presentation by children's design author Ro Logrippo. It focuses on residential design sparking discovery outside the classroom.

Quick-change design ideas that keep pace with a growing child are featured in the slide portion of the program. Findings from the "In My Room Kids' Room Poll," undertaken in five countries, are also shared with the audience.

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To read feedback from former presentations follow this link to client comments .

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