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Book Order Form


To obtain materials advertised on this web site, please do the following: ( Prepaid Sales Only)


  1. Download and print a hard copy of this page
  2. Fill out the pertinent details
  3. Mail form with U.S. check or money order to:


        Ro Logrippo

        Living & Learning Environments

        39506 N. Daisy Mountain Dr, Ste. 122-180

        Anthem, AZ  85086


note: Pay Pal available if prior arrangements made via email to: 


Closet Theater for a Puppeteer


Books:                                                                                      Cost:

“In My Room: Designing For and With Children”                                        $ 45 U.S.

“In My World: Designing Living & Learning Environments” --                    $ 45 U.S.



 “Design of the Times: Day Care – the Report of the National

     Task Force on Day Care Interior Design”                                            $ 45 U.S.


Award-winning commercial child care sites in the U.S.

(i.e. Compilation of Interior and Exterior Pictures plus Articles)              $ 185 U.S.



Kids’ Decorating Kit:

“In My Room Decorating Kit” featuring design tools                                   $ 45 U.S.

  for young children to “co-design” their own environments  



Shipping Costs:                                                                                              _____


3rd class: $5.50 U.S. for each item (i.e. 2 items are $11.00; 3 items are $16.50 etc)  

1st class “rush”: $9.00 U.S. for each (i.e. 2 items are $18.00; 3 items are $27.00 etc)

U.S. Post Office delivery 2 to 3 weeks on third class; 2 to 3 days on first class.

 ** All prices include insurance fees .



Total Enclosed: Including Shipping:                          _____

 note: To verify total due email or phone 623-551-7696


Firm or Individual Placing Order:


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Shipping Address   ________________________________________


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